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Funny Caption for WhatsApp That Will Make You Extra lol

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A happy is all we want and every picture wants a funny happy caption so that if somebody looks at that picture, it makes a smile on their face. Life is all about funny and epic moments. A picture on Instagram without a caption is incomplete because every picture has a story to tell. To make those pictures or moments more memorable. Everybody wants a good funny caption for Whatsapp.

Are you looking for some amazing, funny Captions for Instagram, Facebook or Instagram? Then don’t worry we are here to provide you with the best funny Captions for Whatsapp. Here is the list complete of Funny Captions for Whatsapp.

51+ Funny Caption For Whatsapp & Facebook


1 “Facebook is like a fridge. When you’re bored you keep opening and closing it every few minutes to see if there’s anything good in it”.

2 “Today morning when I was driving my Ferrari alarm woke me up”.

3 “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day”.

4 “The human brain is amazing. It functions 24 hours a day from the time we were born, and only stops when we take an exam or are in love”.

5 “A husband is someone who, after taking the trash out, gives the impression he just cleaned the whole house”.

6 “I promise I will be a better person tomorrow”.

7 “Ay girl I like it, what’s your facebook name, so I can poke it…..lmao…”

8 “The old sayings is that words will never hurt me but stick and stotes will well they lie they both can hurt you”.

9 “Says say this quickly out loud “Ice Bank Mice Elf” see what people’s reactions are….”

10 “Come to my Facebook profile, write on my wall: I’ll love you”.

11 “Is totally lacking the motivation to be compulsive”.

12 “They who dies with the most toys is, nonetheless, still dead”.

13 “Omg it’s a bloody mess what did you do I ate an ice pop lies”.

14 “Wants to tell you about a pill called Phukophizan. It is prescribed to people who for some reason or another cannot take or refuse to take, the “Chill Pill”.

15 “I wonder what kind of fruit eve ate”?

16 “Oh my god! A purple ninja monkey with a green Mohawk! Oh, wait…. It was just some emo kid XD”

17 “My boss is a bitch! [Self-employed]”

18 “Okay Noah, now is a really good time to remember where you stored that ark of yours. We sort of have a need for it. Like right now! Glug, glug, glug!”

19 “Off”

20 “Like this if you have ever thought of something funny that happened a while ago and you started to LOL and everyone looks at you like your retarded! hahaha xoxoxoxox”.

21 “Yo dude your socks are on the wrong feet”. (Funny Caption for WhatsApp)

22 “There’s always at least one bad apple in every family… In my family just about the whole damned orchard is rotten: P”.

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23 “You might be a Redneck if ya heard about a book called, “RACE TO THE OUTHOUSE” Narrated by WILLY MAKE IT!”

24 “Dare you to call somewhere and ask for a mike hunt trust me you will laugh say it out loud and think it to yourself first”.

25 “One mother thought LOL meant “Lots-of-love” so their daughter got a text one day that read: “Honey, your grandma just died….. LOL”.

26 “Been tested, tried, and found to be true…. That is truly crazy!” (Funny Caption for WhatsApp)

27 “If the power of the mind is so strong, why can’t it clean my house while I sit here and think hard about it”.

28 “I’d rather chop off my own ding dong than admit booze ain’t food!” (Funny Caption for WhatsApp)

29 “So my friends aren’t the most normal, neither am I so what’s your point”.

30 “Great news, it’s winter, so ladies, we don’t have to shave our legs! Just tell your man that you have fuzzy socks on!”

31 “It’s not always manned fault, the woman got us kicked out of the garden of Eden”.

32 “When life knocks you down get your ass up and fight back bitch!”

33 “Is off like a hairpiece in a wind storm!” (Funny Caption for WhatsApp)

34 “Says we should merge My Space, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and call it “MY FACE YOU TWIT!”

35 “They who dies with the most toys is, nonetheless, still dead”.

36 “I am crazy, loud, annoying, cute, cuddly, insane, and once you meet me you will never forget me! Promise!”

37 “Remember: the first four letters in butter is where it’s gonna go”.

38 “The state of confusion, the easiest place to live, and low taxes”.

39 “Dieting is good for you, but the temptation is the devil”.

40 “If Michael Jackson’s “DEAD” then y dozen they just do thriller”. (Funny Caption for WhatsApp)

41 “Hates when I get up for something… then I get up and forget what I wanted. Then I sit down AND THEN I REMEMBER”.

42 “Here are 2 secrets to make your marriage work: When you are wrong, admit it; when you are right, shut the hell up”.

43 “Why you get C?” (Funny Caption for WhatsApp)

44 “Wants to know- why is bread, eggs, & milk are the first thing to go out at a store when the weatherman says a chance of snow??”

45 “Has body bags and is not afraid to use them”.

46 “I like pancakes and long walks on the beach any takers?”

47 “Making someone speechless can be just as satisfying”.

48 “I only laughed because you tried to make it funny. U idiot!”

49 “I am ALLERGIC to homework!”

50 “After hundreds of years, they have now figured out the cause of PMS! PUTTING UP WITH MEN’S SHIT”

51 “This status comes with 7 viruses”

52 “If ‘more than one mouse is mice’ then ‘more then one spouse is spice’. (Funny Caption for WhatsApp)

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Above mentioned are the Funny Caption for WhatsApp the hat you can write while posting your picture on Instagram. And as you know nowadays people are more connected with social media portals so for your profile, we created this funny caption for Whatsapp that you can use this Funny Caption for WhatsApp in your bio as well as a post too and Also, let us know about other things you want to know about. Do like to share with your friend’s and you like it and also, let us know about other things you want to know about. Do like and comment.


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